Professional Capital is specialized in structuring and financing fixed income transactions. We focus on projects requiring financing through supplier credit with issuance of short to medium-term promissory notes denominated in RON or EURO.

We can act both as adviser or trader (direct buyer of promissory notes), having an excellent reach and credentials with Romanian and foreign financial institutions and investors.

We provide financing for all infrastructure projects developed by Central and Local Public Authorities of Romania in the public sector:
  • Roads construction and rehabilitation
  • Parking facilities
  • Social housing
  • Construction of co-generation plants
  • Public lighting
  • Sewing
  • Community parks
We approach:
  • Sub-sovereign risk transactions developed by Central State Authorities
  • Sub-sovereign risk transactions developed by Local Public Authorities (Local Councils, County Councils)
We ensure:
  • In depth analysis of the issuer (company owned by Public Authorities) and guarantor (Local Council, County Council, Ministries)
  • Structuring the financial conditions of the project (promissory notes issuance schedule)
  • Preparation of the transaction documents
  • Financing with the most suitable investors